Top 6 Brainly Alternatives for Students in 2022

Alternatives to brainly


Best Alternatives to Brainly Learning and performing your homework can be very challenging at times. So, if you’re looking for the best learning apps or applications to assist you with your homework, don’t worry! You are in the proper location. We’ll outline the top 6 Brainly substitutes in this article for your use.

Although Brainly is a fantastic software, it might not be the best choice for you. The six top Brainly alternatives that will assist you with your homework and study have been listed in this article.

About Brainly:


More than 350 million students and professionals collaborate to find answers to the trickiest assignment problems on Brainly, a top knowledge-sharing platform.

It instantly improves your academic performance in math, English, chemistry, Advanced Placement, physics, and many more. The Brainly alternatives listed in this article are somewhat comparable yet very different. To learn more about these Brainly-like apps, continue reading.



An educational technology company called Socratic offers pupils a smartphone application. By providing educational materials including definitions, links, videos, Q & As, and much more, it leverages AI technology to assist students with their homework. It even makes use of the data to predict potential queries and provide specific teaching materials.

Take a picture of your homework assignment, and the software can read it and categorize it using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. You can also use your voice to understand any issue and connect to internet resources. It provides a variety of courses in disciplines like physics, math, social science, and humanities.

Socratic collaborates with educators and experts to give you visual explanations of every subject so you can understand the principles underlying any issue. Users are only permitted to establish or sign in using a Google account, and this application is available for both Android and iOS devices. It uses direct Google text recognition using the smartphone camera and there are currently approximately 350,000 questions in its database.



One of the best Brainly alternatives is Photomath. The best choice may be Photomath if you want to verify your child’s homework or if you are a math student. It scans and recognizes mathematical problems with the help of your phone’s camera before displaying a thorough, step-by-step explanation on the screen of your smartphone.


Math topics covered by Brainly include elementary math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. New problem types are frequently added with each release.

English, Spanish, Persian, Portuguese, Swedish, Indonesian, Turkish, Polish, Russian, and many other languages are among the many languages that it is accessible. Both iOS and Android mobile devices are compatible with it. Users of its subscription plan, Photomath Plus, get access to animated explanations that help them visualize and comprehend each step precisely. Also with its tips and suggestions feature, you can improve your learning by remembering forgotten phrases and concepts or comprehending why and how math problems are solved, it gives each problem a step-by-step solution, though it does not accommodate text-writing issues and there is a built-in camera for taking pictures of your math problems.


Chegg study

You can obtain homework assistance from Chegg Study for more than 80 disciplines and many courses. Take a picture of any homework assignment and submit it. You’ll receive a thorough response to your query within 30 minutes. You can also access its database of more than 60 million homework problems and see how to solve them in in-depth guides.

Additionally, you may create and study your study decks for tests or simply browse the 500 million flashcards the app currently has in its built-in library for subjects like chemistry, mathematics, business, and accounting. For the toughest classes and assignments, Chegg has your back. It offers confirmed responses, 24/7 access to homework assistance a sizable collection of finished solutions, and assists with approximately 80 topics’ assignments.



Another option to Brainly is Mathway, which response to your math queries with speed and accuracy. Whether you’re working with elementary math, calculus, chemistry, algebra, trigonometry, or statistics, Mathway can create a calculator with the tools and symbols you need to tackle the type of problem you’re trying to solve.

The Mathway instruction will appear on the screen when you download the program, which is simple to do on iOS and Android devices. then take a picture of the math problem that needs to be solved. In addition, you may speak the math equation into the app’s microphone or type it directly into it.

The normal Mathway program, which lets you use a virtual calculator to answer problems, is free. If you want to see the detailed, step-by-step process for fixing the problems, you can upgrade to its subscription plan.



Answers are the best homework assistance program that enables you to finish your academic assignments in algebra, chemistry, biology, and history. It might be your dependable study partner and issue solution, simplifying your academic work.

Over 10,000 study areas, including algebra, calculus, physics, chemistry, math, biology, and many more, are available on Answers, which has over 100 million questions and answers. Simply download the Answer app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, then run it. Then, anytime and whenever you like, you can access its whole collection of questions.

With its step-by-step solution breakdowns, you can learn how to solve arithmetic problems. You can also ask a new question, and the site’s user community will provide an answer. It occasionally reports no connection when linked to a reliable internet connection. There are more than 100 million queries and responses.



Another program that creates learning and study aids is Quizlet, comparable to Brainly. Matching games, tests, digital flashcards, practice tests, and live quizzes are some of its key offerings.

According to the official Quizlet website, there have been over 350 million user-produced flashcard sets created, over 3 billion study sessions overall, and over 50 million active users. English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Vietnamese, and many other languages are among those supported by Quizlet.

The simplest way to learn, practice, and master anything is through Quizlet. Additionally, you have the option of making your flashcards or choosing from millions already made by students. Quizlet app is available for both iOS and Android devices, After downloading the app then you can choose the relevant study set for the subjects you want to review.

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