Top 11 Alternatives To Quora That Let You Dive Deeper

Nobody would object to staying informed about global events, whether they pertain to cryptocurrency or something more general.

The best place to discuss and understand more about social news is Quora. Check out the list we have compiled here, nevertheless, if you’re not happy with it and are searching for the best Quora alternatives.

To assess all the alternatives, you must first learn everything you can about Quora before we can just move on to the list. Undoubtedly, Quora is significantly larger than any of its rivals or alternatives. However, you have a choice between those that are respectable and something new to look forward to.

What is Quora?

The goal of Quora, social news aggregation and user-friendly platform are to facilitate its users’ various connections to the rest of the world. You can participate in a variety of communities, often referred to as subQuoras, where users contribute articles, links, pictures, videos, and much more for discussion. It is compulsive, and you can easily lose an entire day to it without ever running out of material or knowledge on any given subject.

According to widely read publications, Quora receives over 52 million daily visitors; on average, there are over 450 million visitors each month, and this number has been rising over the previous few months. Additionally, there are over 138,000 active subQuoras, and millions of users participate in the daily debates there, according to sources.


1. Reddit

With a Yahoo-like user experience, Reddit is one of the best Quora alternatives. Although it is not precisely like Quora, this website has all the answers, and you can even contribute your own. Just create a profile for yourself on the platform and begin to give responses to questions you have answers to.


You can follow professionals and other users on the website so that you can always be up to date with all the stuff they share there. Furthermore, although using a search engine to find answers to your queries is possible, doing so is not always the best course of action. As a result, many utilize Quora to find more accurate responses.

Additionally, you can select from a variety of responses and solutions that may be the best course of action on this platform. Millions of users use Quora to advertise their products or service by responding to questions and praising them while addressing any issues. It is a superb location for advertisers and has more than 300 million users.


2. Digg

For any Quora users who want to try something lot lighter and simpler to understand, we now offer another option. Digg has a simple user interface, and the design appeals to all the users who have struggled to use Quora’s complicated interface.

Undoubtedly, it might be a little challenging for novice Quora users to grasp how things work. Digg may therefore be a wise choice. To join one of the world’s largest communities, all you have to do is just register an account on the site. You can select from a variety of communities or groups, including those for news, tech, bitcoin, and much more. You may read the postings and leave comments on them to remain in touch, much like what we’ve seen on Quora. There are various alternatives to choose from if you want to follow an influencer.

In addition to this, you can browse through countless blogs and news sources based on your preferences to stay current throughout time. Whether reading blogs or joining the community, it is free to do both. Create an account on this platform alone to get going. Digg can also be added as a Chrome plugin for rapid connectivity.


  1. Hacker News

If you’ve been seeking for a website that has no hassles and is as basic as you can imagine, you should consider using Hacker News. First off, the platform doesn’t have a separate website; it can be found on Y Combinator. The site is primarily intended for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, geeks, and other individuals interested in learning more about technology. All the popular and trending queries that might be of interest to you are included on the front page. Although it may not be as popular as Quora, it is still worth your time.

It could take some time to get the hang of how everything works if you are new to this. Moving on, I should mention how straightforward to understand the UI is. Additionally, you can locate a variety of employment openings on the website by selecting the Job option. To make it simpler to find what you’re looking for, all of the questions posted on the site are listed in a special section. After creating an account and logging in, you may easily browse the full website. You can look for solutions and add your own to those that you feel have value.


  1. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is an excellent tool that allows users to promote their items and obtain honest client feedback. There is no better location to publish a product if you are a maker or marketer aiming to launch it very soon than on Product Hunt. The survey found that Tuesday is the best day for this because it has the most traffic. You must create an account on it to get started and join the community where you can launch your product. The approval process could take a week or so.

You can acquire sincere feedback and evaluations from prospective buyers after your product is on the site, allowing you to make the necessary improvements. Similar information can be found on Quora, a website where users can ask questions or queries, and other users usually answer them.

We adore the site’s UI and overall layout. All of the options described here are simple to comprehend, and you can engage in a variety of activities outside just by answering questions. You can submit a job and join groups; regardless of whether you’re a geek or just a tech enthusiast interested in learning more about various projects, you can all participate in Product Hunt.



Here is another website that is regarded as a truly outstanding Quora substitute. On an iOS, Android, or Windows-based smartphone, you can download it. Moreover, while using a laptop, you can use it on your browsers. Users of 9GAG can share any type of content on the network, including memes, blogs, advertisements, Q&As, and more.

It has gained a lot of traction on specialized media platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram. Everything that Quora might have been lacking is now available on this platform. Every day, users upload a ton of stuff and share it on social media. Given the site’s wide audience and millions of visitors, it is an excellent way to advertise your company or product.

You can register with your Google Account or Facebook account. Without having to worry about anything else, you may engage with people daily. For both browsers and the app, the user interface is incredibly simple and amazing. You can choose whichever feels most appropriate because each category is laid out.


  1. Stack Exchange

Similar to Quora in many ways, Stack Exchange makes it simple to learn how things operate. It is a straightforward Questions and Answers website where you may find subjects on virtually anything you can imagine. The platform is essentially finished and ideal for all programmers who are eager to learn and advance as well as for all industry experts.

There are thousands of Q&As from millions of people spread over 173 groups. Additionally, Stack Overflow, a component of this website, has approximately 100 million developers engaging in maintaining the flow of information. In contrast to Quora, Stack Exchange has consistently prioritized the quality of its material. No user is permitted to engage in dialogue to guarantee that you receive responses to your inquiries.

You can immediately post a response and continue with another. Your response will be prioritized at the top if it has received the most votes. Even only one response can be marked as the preferred or accepted response by the questioner.


  1. Yahoo Answers

You may have used Yahoo in the past in place of Gmail or have heard of it. It includes Yahoo Answers, which has features that are quite similar to those of Quora.

Millions of users are asking and responding to questions that are interesting to read and understand. Any topic is acceptable; just publish your content, and within minutes, hundreds of users will join the conversation.

There are countless categories to go over on this platform, including arts, animals, technology, entertainment, and anything else you can think of. Once you have registered on the platform, it functions best.

There are many things you may do besides just asking and responding to questions. The individual who posed the question is free to choose any response they deem appropriate; however, the answer that receives the most votes will automatically be designated as the audience’s preference. Additionally, you may view the popular questions and even bookmark them for later reading. Since every response is posted by a real person, it is more legitimate than before. Since this platform doesn’t rely on search engine optimization but rather just on user reviews, it is preferable to search for it on Google.



ASKfm, sometimes known as Ask Me Anonymous Question, is a stock Q&A app for smartphones. With just one click, you may download it to your iOS or Android device. You only need to sign up on the site to begin using the services, which are all free. You’ll adore the app’s UI and design. Whether you are a professional or a novice, everything appears to be quite easy to understand.

Depending on your preference, you can either reveal your identity or remain anonymous when asking or responding to questions. Many users of the platform utilize it to beg for or disclose their deepest secrets in the form of anonymous users.

Over 40 million people currently use the network every day. On the platform, you may even become friends with total strangers. You can add more coins to your account by answering questions and getting tips from your followers. The platform offers a variety of options that you could enjoy utilizing the currency. For those who are willing to spend some money, ASKfm also offers a particular chance through a VIP program.


9. Gurlic

Gurlic is the website you might like the best if you’re seeking for one that resembles the Quora community in any way. It is the ideal location for internet users to express their opinions on any subject they deem appropriate. You will most frequently encounter ones focusing on technology, science, the arts, and a variety of other topics.

You can select to follow communities depending on your interests by tapping the Explore Communities button. The members have a ton of questions and debates on a variety of subjects. You can use it to not only study but also to ultimately find answers to many of your questions. The entire website is simple to use and has a clean design. On the home page, there is a part where you may just go through the timeline of arbitrary public inquiries. Links, photos, and other media content that complies with community standards may be posted. Additionally, if you are talented or have an idea, you can create your community and continue the conversation.


10. Lemmy

With millions of members, Lemmy is one of the best Quora alternatives available online. You must register or log in on the platform to post, as is required on any website you visit. By doing so, you may keep track of all the conversations in which you took part and keep yourself informed. Since it is an open-source platform, you are welcome to provide feedback and suggestions for its improvement.

The servers are fairly quick and can accommodate everyday users without any lag. It is an effort to get individuals to join more groups and produce something valuable rather than just a Quora equivalent. The mobile-friendly UI, user avatar support, notifications on Q&As directly and even via mail, and many other features may be found here.

You can even erase all of the messages, remarks, responses, and other content moving forward. Additionally, you can use several themes including Dark, Light, and Polarized. Additionally, if necessary, you can even get community support.


11. Slashdot

For those IT lovers who want to learn more about technology and join a community of like-minded people, Slashdot is the perfect Quora substitute. You may easily establish a profile and log in to the platform to join hundreds of communities, just like on any other website. You may stay current on news and receive sincere responses from individuals all over the world.

Now that you have created your own stories for other users, you may submit them to the website. Although there isn’t an app for it, using the website is just as simple as using an app. To maintain the integrity of the website and ensure that nobody abuses the platform, moderators are assigned to each group or post. Slashdot states that it now has more than 3.7 million monthly unique users, a remarkable rise over time. The website has garnered numerous accolades for being the best news site among many others.

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