8 Practical Apps for Students Similar to Slader [2022]

Alternatives to Slader

Are you looking for Slader alternatives that are available for free? Are you unsure which app will offer the best features? Rest assured that we will assist you with it. We’ll outline the top 8 Slader alternatives in this article. Students can use the online tool Slader to get solutions to their science and math homework difficulties.

By writing comments, responding to questions, and sharing textbook solutions, students can interact with their peers. They can even receive chat-based tuition from other Slader users. There are many other apps like Slader that are worthwhile utilizing even though Slader is a fantastic platform. So, here is a list of the top 8 homework assistance apps similar to Slader.


  1. Mathway

Do you require detailed answers? The best choice for you might be Mathway! It provides on-demand homework assistance wherever you are and at any time, much like a private teacher in the palm of your hand.

All you need to do is type your problem into Mathway, and it will instantly provide solutions to all of your math problems, from simple math to algebra to more challenging ones.

It is available for free download, and when you launch the program for the first time, it provides you with a brief tour of the interface. You can speak about your fascinating math problem as well as write about it and even snap a photo of it.



All forms of equations, including advanced notations such as variables, brackets, special operators, and other advanced notations, are supported via a simple-to-use virtual touchpad.

It has colorful buttons on a well-designed user interface.

It provides a comprehensive calculator that can answer any query.

It instantly resolves even the trickiest math problems.

How to use the calculator correctly is explained in the help module.

More than 300 words, concepts, and principles related to math are included in the glossary section.


  1. Chegg Study

Want specialized assistance for every one of your courses? Don’t worry; one of the best Slader alternatives is Chegg, which may assist you with your homework. You can obtain homework assistance for hundreds of courses and 80 different subjects through this.

Simply take a picture of your homework question and send it to the company’s experts, and you’ll likely receive a thorough explanation of the solution within thirty minutes. Additionally, you can search through its database of more than 60 million finished assignments to learn step-by-step solutions.



Viewing of its Q&A library’s 25 million fully answered homework problems is unlimited.

Get assistance with your homework in more than 80 areas and hundreds of courses.

Get the site’s top study resources and get 24/7 assistance with your assignments or projects.

You can create and study your decks of flashcards or browse the library’s 500 million+ cards.

By just clicking into its huge library of countless thoroughly described, step-by-step textbook solutions, you can learn your course from top to bottom.

Possibility to post questions and receive within 30 minutes expert responses.

You can enter your study question and view the pre-existing answers in the database of Chegg Study.


  1. PhotoMath

Do you need assistance with certain textbook problems? That’s where Photomath can help you! You may verify your assignments, learn math, and prepare for exams with Photomath. From simple math to complex calculus and geometry are all included.

Simply start the app, and its built-in camera will enable you to capture photographs of your issue to quickly offer a detailed answer. There are other languages that it is available, including English, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic, Polish, Croatian, Russian, Thai, and more.



Easy-to-use user interface.

It able to read handwriting

It is guaranteed to operate well, and many customers have acknowledged that the program accurately resolved their math issues.

It provides you with step-by-step instructions and graphically displays all equation answers.

It covers a wide range of mathematical disciplines, including algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, and statistics.

There are constantly added new types of issues with every release.

offers animated videos to help viewers better understand and remember the explanation.

It has a built-in camera calculator that enables you to capture pictures of your math challenge.


  1. Wolfram Alpha

Instead of providing a list of documents or websites that might contain the answer, Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that provides accurate answers straight away by computing the answer from outside supplied “curated data.”

Through a text area, users can ask inquiries and request computations. In response, a knowledge base of structured and carefully selected data will be used to compute responses and pertinent visuals. It can react to questions that are worded in natural language, but it cannot address inquiries that call for a narrative explanation.



It calculates your responses and generates results for you using its extensive database of algorithms and data.

It gives the option to contrast several subjects, features, or problems.

It addresses a variety of themes and disciplines, such as mathematics, statistics, data analysis, physics, chemistry, materials, engineering, astronomy, earth and life sciences, and more.

It is limited in its ability to deliver reliable question results by computational facts.

It provides organized results for sociodemographic information, media and culture, educational institutions, and geographic facts and organizations.

You will receive the necessary nutritional information in the form of images and tablets when you enter the name of a food.


  1. Socratic

One of the best Slader-equivalent applications is Socratic, which provides educational resources like videos, questions and answers, definitions, connections, and much more to assist students with their assignments.

Its artificial intelligence accurately forecasts ideas that will aid students in solving problems. You only need to take a picture of your assignment, and it will use optical character recognition to read it and label it.

To access web resources and comprehend any issue, you may also utilize your voice. It provides a variety of courses in disciplines like physics, math, social science, and humanities.



It collaborates with academics and specialists to provide you with a visual breakdown of every subject.

There are currently approximately 350,000 questions in its database.

Simple to understand the ideas behind the issue.

Use your voice or camera to connect to internet resources and understand any issue.

Learn at your own pace with videos, step-by-step guides, and other resources.

Cost: There is no charge whatsoever to utilize it.

Geometry, biology, physics, literature, algebra, trigonometry, chemistry, and history are currently available.


  1. Course Hero

An American educational technology company called Course Hero runs an online learning environment where students may access study materials including essays, homework, and exams that are relevant to their courses.

Hero Course

Study aids, lecture notes, essays, videos, practice questions, infographics, step-by-step instructions, lab reports, user-submitted questions with tutor responses, and more are all included. You can either upload original papers to obtain unlocks that are used to read and download full Course Hero content, or you can subscribe to its paid version.



It provides a list of online digital courses that are offered for free.

Users can search for documents by the university, subject, or content.

More than 7 million uploaded study documents are accessible here.

A searchable video lecture library is available, and the lectures are arranged by subject, institution, and instructor.

Online tutors are available to you around the clock, and they will react to your questions within three days.

More than 40 million study resources for individual courses are available.


  1. SparkNotes

At first, SparkNotes provided study materials for poetry, movies, books, literature, history, and philosophy. Later, it grew to include study materials for a variety of areas, including chemistry, biology, health, physics, economics, and arithmetic.

You can get the complete study guide content that is offered in the app by subscribing to it. You can obtain essay writing assistance, practice exams, and book translations. Additionally, its in-depth guides include thorough sociological, biographical, and historical quotes, settings, and much more.



The library has more than 50 installed study materials.

You can choose your text size and experiment with dark mode.

There is a section on its website where students can look for colleges.

The AP, PSAT/SAT 1 and 2, ACT, and GRE are just a few of the standardized examinations that are covered by SparkNotes Test Prep’s material and services.

Find illustrations of the classics.

More than a thousand study guides are available to examine online.


  1. Quizlet

Quizlet is now Slader. It, therefore, offers the simplest and most convenient approach to studying, practicing, and learning any subject you wish to understand, and is one of the best alternatives to Slader in terms of features.


You may acquire a suite of science study materials at your fingertips with its AI learning assistant, updated expert explanations, and practical flashcards. Get personalized study strategies and keep tabs on your progress.

With the help of seven study modes, you can quiz yourself on practice questions to help you feel more prepared. Use Quizlet to tackle the trickiest textbook issue with detailed step-by-step instructions.



Create your flashcards or choose from the millions already created by users.

Languages spoken include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and many more.

Get access to millions of thorough, twice-checked textbook solutions prepared by professionals.

Users can develop specialized sets of terms and definitions based on their requirements.

Digital flashcards, practice electronic tests, live quizzes, and matching games are some of its main offerings.

You may track your progress and receive individualized study strategies with Quizlet’s learning assistant.


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