18 of the Best Khan Academy Alternative Websites

Nelson Mandela’s famous comment, “Education is the most effective weapon you can employ to change the world,” emphasizes the significance of education. With the help of cutting-edge technology, education is now available everywhere.

You just need to make sure you have a smart device, an Internet connection, and a membership pack. Education is one of the human rights that the internet is working to fulfill as it helps to meet human needs over time. The traditional methods of instruction are hardly current.

It is possible to learn various courses while relaxing in beds. Online courses are available on many websites. It’s for people who desire to raise the bar in their academics. Some numerous online programs and courses could be confusing.

It is the quickest way to save time while also learning new things to improve your knowledge and abilities so you may excel in your chosen area. There are many internet resources available that offer free education services.

What Will I Discover?

What makes Khan Academy so special?

There are several websites like Khan Academy in the market to hone your intellect with an abundance of knowledge. Khan Academy is one such website. Let’s find out what Khan Academy has to offer as a learning platform.

Khan Academy is one of the educational websites that has partnered with higher schools and offers a large selection of courses. Students are quickly seduced by its user-friendly and memorable interface.

The best part about Khan Academy is how dedicated it is to cover every single nuance of the subject matter.

Few educational websites provide free services, but Khan Academy is one such nonprofit that ensures its students have access to a free learning environment with answers to their problems. With Khan Academy, one can never feel discouraged.

Other than Khan Academy, there are several free websites that might quench your appetite for knowledge.

Our Choice for the Best Websites Like Khan Academy

In this post, we’ve included a few well-known websites similar to Khan Academy that might or might not be able to meet your needs more effectively than Khan Academy itself.

  1. Fun Brain

Games and puzzles are the best methods to grab kids’ interest, which is what Fun Brain, one of the websites like Khan Academy, aims to do. There are several games and puzzles that save knowledge in Fun Brain.

fun brain

If you are specifically seeking this feature of the websites, choosing Fun Brain would be the wisest choice because it only focuses on arithmetic and reading. You will once again receive free schooling in this situation.

Students in elementary and middle school are prone to distraction, thus Fun Brain makes sure that learning and enjoyment go hand in hand. Children can push themselves to acquire these incentives and pass them with flying colors and knowledge since it includes challenges and rewards.

Fun Brain is a suitable alternative to Khan Academy for your preschooler or kindergartener as well as students in grades one through eight.


  1. TED-Ed

TED-Ed is a free educational platform featuring instructional films that cover a variety of topic matters. It is another website like Khan Academy. One of the websites similar to Khan Academy that aims to make learning as enjoyable and engaging as possible is TED-Ed.

Ted Ed

To keep their attention on the lessons presented in the films, teachers instruct their students using cartoons. This website caters to teenagers and young people. There are a lot of different courses offered.

You can find solutions and related videos for any topic, whether it be in the arts, business, economics, design, engineering, technology, health, mathematics, science, technology, social studies, or new developing fields like psychology, philosophy, or sacred subjects like religion.

The world’s two hardest languages to learn, Mandarin and Arabic, may also be on your language teacher’s mind. The benefit of using this website as a Khan Academy substitute is that it gives you the chance to improve your learning skills and produce your educational film.

Teachers and tutors can readily share educational resources with their pupils by simply enrolling on the website (which is, of course, free to use).

  1. National Geographic Kids

One of the top non-profit organizations in the world, National Geographic has vowed to explore the geography of every square mile of the planet.


National Geographic created a school initiative called National Geographic Kids to give back more to society. The website contains a ton of games, puzzles, films, and images that explain the geology of Earth.

Children should be interested in their studies and not be subjected to outdated teaching methods, according to one of the websites like Khan Academy and Fun Brain.

You will discover that this educational website lacks organized courses or definite subjects when you browse the stuff that is provided there.


National Geographic Kids seeks to provide an environment for kids who enjoy learning new things about their ecosystem rather than condensing knowledge.

Checking out one of the top geography video learning websites that can pass for Khan Academy is not harmful.

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  1. Academic Earth

Anyone looking for websites similar to Khan Academy should check out Academic Earth as soon as they can. People wishing to finish and earn their college degrees online can visit Academic Earth.


This website makes it simple to find the course because it includes information on the course, the school, and the subject. You will quickly and easily enroll in the courses you want.

You must choose your degree, category, and subject from the drop-down boxes on your screens to find the program.

The website offers diploma degrees in addition to associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. The Khan Academy’s substitute is a school, so you can apply to study courses like art and design, management of businesses, computers, technology, and many more.

It also offers courses that are thriving and evolving through time, such as psychology and counseling. Students majoring in liberal arts, humanities, and sciences can also try their luck in Academic Earth.

It provides high-quality education from prestigious universities including Cornell University, Columbia University, Berklee College of Music, California Institute of Technology, and many other illustrious colleges.

As a student, it would be wasteful to throw away such resources, therefore browse Academic Earth and other websites like Khan Academy.

  1. Memrise

Memrise has risen to the top of our list of websites similar to Khan Academy by offering specialized language training. Memrise offers its services through a website and an app, allowing you to select the one that works best for you.

It helps you become fluent in the language you are learning online. Other than languages, there are other subjects. The website includes videos for education.

In the films, you may hear how to pronounce words in many languages because they demonstrate how the locals utilize sentences. Memrise has decided to use accompanying games to make studying languages and linguistics more enjoyable and entertaining.

Memrise may help you learn languages including French, Spanish, Italian, English (UK), Korean, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, and Swedish.

You can improve your résumé and develop your language abilities in your spare time. You wouldn’t even have to pay for the classes because it provides video for free.

  1. Codecademy

Codecademy is the ideal place for programmers to begin their educational journey. You can never go wrong with Codecademy if you want to learn everything there is to know about coding and building websites.

One of the websites like Khan Academy that offers free coding classes is Codecademy, which helps programmers land prestigious employment at well-known companies like IBM, Facebook, Google, HUGE, and prosperous businesses all over the world.


For HTML & CSS, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C++, Java, SQL, R, C#, PHP, Go, Swift, Bash/Shell, and Kotlin, a programmer can sign up and attend online sessions. Codecademy offers a wide variety of topics.

Including machine learning, code foundation, web design, game development, mobile development, data science, computer science, and developer tools, among many more. Monitoring your development is a pretty simple process.

cademy 2

The benefit of using Codecademy as a programmer is that you can learn all fundamental and sophisticated coding concepts and build a sizable social network.

As a programmer, it would be best to check out Codecademy because it also enables you to ask professionals who are knowledgeable in their disciplines your questions and receive answers.

  1. Learning Routes

Lesson Paths is less of an educational website and more of a tool for finding the best educational video. Users can compile a list of websites’ links to informative films. Other users can then verify which is more effective as teaching material.

The website also provides instructional videos, however, the topics covered there tend to be more sporadic than fundamental ones like science, math, sociology, etc. It may not be as useful as some others, but it makes gathering educational resources simpler.

You can rely on Lesson Paths if your examinations are coming up soon and you don’t have any notes. Inquire about your relationships and love life, get health advice, or, if you like, learn how to improve your money from this love guru.

You can verify that your helping partner is as helpful as you believe it to be if you so choose.

  1. Stanford Online

Another option for those who want free online education is Stanford Online.

Stanford online

Stanford Online offers courses in several cutting-edge fields, including innovation and design thinking, cybersecurity, environment and energy, arts and humanities, education, digital transformation, health and medicine, and artificial intelligence, a new field that promises you a well-paying job.

Earning a master’s degree in the subject of your choice is affordable. Concerning the teaching standards, you need not worry. Stanford online, where there will only be expert lecturers.

Overall, you will receive a year-long curriculum with either full-time or part-time lessons depending on your preference. A certified document from the Stanford Graduate School of Business is delivered after nine courses with the best instructor.

Giving up opportunities where you may access free instructional sessions would be a major loss as a student.

  1. British Podcast

As the name implies, BBC broadcasts a lot of tutorials and educational podcasts providing information on numerous subjects. It is friendlier since it disbelieves in conventional teaching techniques.

Since the podcasts are updated every week, there is always new content available. Topics like sports, business, and current events are all covered.

Since BBC is a global podcast provider and makes an effort to offer content in different languages, it is fine if you are not fluent in English.

Keep in mind that the BBC Podcast does not cover all of the information, so it might not be the best choice for you if you’re seeking for learning material that delves deeply into a subject. There won’t be any boredom, and BBC Podcasts guarantee a good time while learning.

  1. Udacity


Check Accessibility?

Check Effective?

Udacity is the best option if these three features are what you’re looking for in educational websites like Khan Academy because they only exist to offer these three things.


The lessons on Udacity have the best learning materials, preparing its pupils to soar high in their viewpoints. It makes an effort to include the most up-to-date digital abilities in its tutorials for computer whizzes.

The program includes lessons on Android and iOS as well as topics like data science, software engineering, and web development. It thrives on seeing students succeed in their careers, businesses grow, and government improves operations.

Recent additions to Udacity’s curriculum include Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Product Management, Programming, and Development, among many more topics.

  1. Oxford University Podcast

It is a privilege to receive direct instruction from the University of Oxford, and the audio version increases this privilege. The majority of these podcasts are recorded lectures or lectures by guest professors.

It is one of the best-organized sites, which guarantees that students won’t run into any difficulties locating the podcast. It goes into great detail about the subjects.

The University of Oxford’s podcast covers a variety of subjects, including engineering science, politics and international relations, and language and literature.

Best lecturers can easily be subscribed to because of its interface. Thus, it is included in our list of websites similar to Khan Academy. Your podcast mentors will be well-known people like Sarah Gilbert, Lindsay Turnbull, Emma Smith, and Jocelyn Bell Burnell.

  1. FutureLearn

Due to relationships, FutureLearn has with top universities, you can access the same courses if you so choose. The guiding principle of FutureLearn is to provide top instructors with online learning of new skills.

Future Learning is this

future learn

You will receive excellent educators at FutureLearn if their tagline is to be believed. As an extension of an open university, FutureLearn has partnered with eminent organizations and partners.

FuturelEarn offers both full-time and part-time courses, so you won’t be lacking in the college experience. The presentations cover a wide range of subjects that demand your attention.

In addition to many other areas, they covered every topic under the sun, including literature, the arts, commerce, media, law, social science, teaching, and many more. Some of the courses are also free to take. It strives to retain student convenience because they don’t get that in traditional learning.

The best feature of this website is that it promotes active student interaction, which helps students improve their social skills and forge big social networks. The best statement would be that FutureLearn is a fantastic route to go if one wishes to learn online.

  1. Code

For programmers looking to learn programming online, Code is a paradise. Whether you’re a programmer learning new codes or a student trying your hand for the first time, it doesn’t matter your age while you’re using Code.


If you do not speak English, you can choose one of the more than 45 languages that Code supports. Science, math, social studies, language arts, art, media, music, and computer science are the foundations for the multi-range courses.

It covers a wide range of subjects, such as PCs, Android, iPads/iPhones, Screen readers, and outdated or inadequate technologies. Additionally, it offers classes in robotics, Javascript, and app development.

By allowing you to take advantage of an hour of instructive designs before choosing Code, developers allow you to back out of the agreement.

The beginning and advanced learners can use Code to advance in coding and app writing because it has levels for a beginner and is comfortable. Enjoy the Code tutorials since there aren’t many of them available.

  1. eDX For Free Online Courses from MIT and Harvard (edx.org)

eDX is another website similar to Khan Academy. Two prestigious colleges, MIT and Harvard University, founded the non-profit educational website in 2012. They offer top-notch, in-depth classes that provide an opportunity to advance one’s knowledge and skills.

The website offers courses in computer science, engineering, data science, business management, and later developing fields like psychology, humanities-based disciplines, and linguistics that have brought about notable advances.

It also offers lessons on topics like architecture, art and culture, economics and finance, environmental studies, ethics, food and nutrition, health and safety, etc. in addition to the topics indicated above.

If you’re concerned about the caliber of your teachers, you can relax knowing that you’ll only get a top-notch education at this site because so many prestigious universities and colleges are linked to it.

Students receive their official documents in their hands after completing the courses. Overall, missing out on eDX will be a significant loss.

  1. Coursera

Coursera is a branch of a college, and this educational website has partnered with illustrious organizations and colleges all around the world. The website’s database contains tutorials on a variety of subjects and viewpoints.


It is one of the important websites for online learning that meets students’ needs and competes with websites like Khan Academy in terms of popularity and customer support. It has taken up courses from colleges, universities, museums, and trusts throughout the world.

It clarifies every minor aspect of the subject so that its students are likewise aware of minor issues. One of the most economical ways to obtain classes on many disciplines is through this website that offers courses for free.

Due to numerous restrictions, Coursera’s free version has lost some of its appeals over time, so if you want access to more learning resources, you must purchase the subscription version. The level of courses can be readily chosen.

Choose the appropriate level for you—beginner, mixed, intermediate, or advanced—by considering your compatibility.

  1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Lynda, is another online learning platform that is very beneficial to students. It has established a reputation for offering content that sharpens skills among businesspeople and IT professionals.

One of the top educational websites is LinkedIn or Lynda, which has been around for more than 20 years and is quite popular among students. Tutorials can be broadcast in four other languages in addition to English.

Students must first subscribe to the site because it is required to begin learning there. However, it provides a free 30-day trial to access the video library to encourage students to stay connected to the website.

After 30 days, students must register to maintain access to LinkedIn Learning’s video collection.

There are offered courses on a wide range of topics, including software development, company development, marketing, and photography. LinkedIn is the best place to check for visual learning courses because the website is well-known for its visual learning capabilities.

You will receive a certificate once you have finished the online course, and LinkedIn recommendations are available if you are unable to discover the right course for you.

LinkedIn Learning has a wide selection of courses for you if you’re seeking websites like Khan Academy for biology.

  1. Online courses in Open Culture

Lesson Paths’ twin, Open Culture Online Courses, provides students access links to more than 1000 lectures, videos, and podcasts from renowned institutions and presenters.

It is one of the websites with access to content that is prohibited, also known as content that can only be found on university private websites. You may access study materials from prestigious universities without having to look through all the websites.

It has gathered courses from numerous American colleges, including those in Wales, England, Australia, and other countries. It is one of the useful websites that frees up time for students to focus on their education.

  1. Free Courses on iTunesU (open.edu)

The final but not least Khan Academy’s replacement website is iTunesU Free Courses, which offers a similar experience. iTunesU provides free classes, as the name implies.


It is rather simple to combine iTunesU with any iOS device, whether it be an iPod, iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. By downloading the iTunesU app, you may quickly begin listening to podcasts.

PC users can quickly launch the iTunesU app from the iTunes store’s upper corner. Since the interfaces of iTunes and iTunesU are identical, you may use them both with ease.

Finding educational resources is simple because the software lets you search by tags like genre and themes. Since the services are free, you can choose to play certain podcasts only after making a payment.

The fact that this website can only be accessed through iOS is its lone drawback.

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