12 Best MathType Alternatives To Solve Math Equations

Are you a creative thinker who can imagine thoughts beyond the human capacity to think and compute for extended periods, or are you constrained by time to complete a specific task? If so, several applications may be able to help you locate a solution.

Other apps could perform the same function, each with a few advantages or disadvantages over the others. MathType is one such application that would make your job considerably more efficient and accessible.

MathType is a computer-based knowledge engine and an answer engine that provides its customers with answers from external sources.

Here, you could find answers to your questions regarding a variety of topics, including Software Development, Education, and Enterprise, among others. Even further, you could obtain an extensive understanding of mathematics, science and technology, society and culture, and other disciplines.

A major issue with MathType pro, despite its immense popularity, is that the subscription price is a bit too high, forcing customers to seek alternatives. If you’re seeking MathType alternatives that could be useful daily, you shouldn’t skip out on our hand-picked alternatives.


Best MathType Alternatives

  1. Mathway

If you are a student in high school or college, Mathway will assist you with all of your math problems, especially Algebra. It is a really useful site that provides step-by-step solutions to your difficulties. Unfortunately, the latter function is only accessible to paying users, but it is more affordable than MathType. The application contains a calculator where you may enter your problem using fraction symbols, logarithmic equation symbols, integration symbols, etc.

Even while non-math users may not find this platform particularly useful, you may nevertheless plot graphs and solve a few chemistry-related numerical equations. In addition to Algebra, you might obtain solutions to problems in Trigonometry, Calculus, Finite Math, and many more.

One of the most useful features of this application is the ability to upload a photo of a problem and receive an immediate resolution. You may even enter in words, which the program would then incorporate into a puzzle. This makes the application extremely user-friendly.


  1. Symbolab Maths Solver

Try Symbolab Math Solver if you are a high school or college student. It is an Israel-based enterprise, created by EqsQuest Ltd., that provides step-by-step solutions to a variety of mathematical issues for a variety of themes and disciplines.

It covers a wide range of topics, including Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus and Pre-Calculus, Statistics, etc. In addition to the areas listed above, you might also receive solutions for Chemistry, Physics, and Finance in the palm of your hand. This app is an excellent MathType alternative that can be used on both iOS and Android devices. You can purchase the premium version for access to additional features.

The Symbolab Maths Solver provides you with access to practice problems and also allows you to create your test, as learning without testing is incomplete. You only need to choose the relevant category of question you’re looking for and the appropriate formulae, and your problem will be solved in a few seconds!


  1. fxsolver

The fact that fxSolver is a free platform is the primary benefit of choosing it over MathType. Here, you could begin with categories such as Aerospace Engineering, Economics and Finance, Medical, Geoscience, and Biology, among many more. In addition, there is a section including a few basic formulas to help you prepare for your exams.


You may even build your recipe if you are unable to locate the one you require. fxSolver is a good tool for creating graphs, and the website provides instructions on how to get started as well as a promotional video.

The possibility to share one’s results with colleagues and acquaintances is a fantastic, one-of-a-kind feature. On the far left side of their website, you may browse the formulas you’ve used and viewed most recently, as well as the formulas that are the most frequently requested by users globally. They also provide a formula library where you may access formulas for all academic degrees and certifications.


  1. eMathHelp

When learning and enjoyment are combined, the experience is unique. eMathHelp simplifies the learning process for topics such as Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Linear Programming, Discrete Mathematics, and Probability/Statistics.

eMathHelp contains more than 2,000 notes with explanations on the many topics offered and a variety of calculators, including online graphing calculators, derivative calculators, and integral calculators, among others. If you are unable to locate the calculator you require, you may request it by clicking the “Request it” button on the webpage. You have access to a unit converter through their website, which will surely make your work easier.

You can also receive step-by-step answers to your questions, as well as verify their authenticity. You can solve logic puzzles such as RGBW, ProductSum, and KnightScore in the ‘Games’ section of this website, which is one of its most engaging features. You may immediately access the game’s instructions, allowing you to learn the game more quickly. These games boost your logical thinking and make your mind more receptive to new ideas and analytical reasoning.


  1. Insect

David Peter, a German software engineer, developed Insect, a MathType replacement that is extraordinarily handy. If you are proficient in programming, you will have a distinct advantage on this platform; nevertheless, if you are not, Insect will not be too disappointed and will help you solve your math issues.

The bug is an open-source, highly specialized calculator that supports all physical unit types. It offers features such as exponential notation, numerous functions, and operators to aid in solving mathematical statements.

Even if Insect does not provide its users with a step-by-step explanation of the requested total, it is nevertheless possible to obtain a high school or college-level arithmetic problems accurately handled.

Through the reading-based interface accessible in both command-line and web versions, one could access operations such as unit conversions, functions with multiple parameters, Unicode support, and variable assignment using preset constants. If you are a proficient programmer, you might even edit the source code to suit your needs.


  1. Maple

Maple, a mathematics-based program created in 1982 by the Canadian software business Maplesoft, can serve as a sophisticated alternative to MathType due to its specific education, engineering, and research services.

Through the calculator, you may obtain solutions to advanced mathematical problems in subjects such as differential equations, calculus, algebra, and group theory, among others too many to list. Using Maple’s graphing functionality, you may generate 2D and 3D animations of your design.

On their website, you have quick access to a few alternatives, such as Products and Solutions, which facilitates a streamlined navigation experience. From the Maple Calculator to e-books, you have access to numerous useful resources.

Maple’s software has a further advantage over MathType in that it may make the platform extremely user-friendly by allowing users to generate their answers and solutions to difficult issues. As a result of this function, users are only presented with answers from the software’s vast knowledge base.

Maple’s compatibility with the three most popular operating systems is one of the most remarkable features. You may even use it as a mobile calculator to solve all of your math problems. Through your iOS or Android device, you can submit your concerns in text or image format.


  1. Maxima

Maxima may assist you to conclude your quest for a website or application that provides answers to professional or standard-level difficulties or queries. In addition, if you are proficient in programming, you would not want to pass up the opportunity to check this out. Maxima, which was created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the 1980s, is a descendant of Macsyma, a computer-based algebra system that formerly served as a US government project.

This platform is accessible to everybody for usage, distribution, and modification. As with other algebra-capable computer systems, Maxima enables you to solve complex algebraic expressions and problems. This platform can easily do tasks such as translating trigonometric expressions and sums to their exponential forms, deriving closed-form series descriptions, and calculating symbolic anti-derivatives.

An active user community that takes care of software maintenance and keeps the program up-to-date can provide answers to your questions in virtually no time at all. Consequently, when posing a question, a prompt response is frequently anticipated.

Maxima is available on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS. In addition, it is compatible with systems based on Debian. You can learn more about the software’s history and recent releases by visiting its website. In addition to these elements, they employ a multilingual strategy on their website.


  1. Soulver

Soulver is an amazing alternative to MathType due to the software’s straightforward approach and language. Even though the tool is only accessible to Mac users, it may be a jackpot for experimenting with numbers and gaining insight into a variety of events and occurrences.

The system supports both words and numbers when entering data, and the app will be able to interpret both. This is one of the app’s most significant advantages. You do not need to worry if you forgot to save your last entry since the application will automatically save it for you. You may return at any moment to modify the computations as you see fit.

This application simplifies unit conversions for diverse ranges of metric units, cryptocurrencies, cash, etc. Using headers, labels, syntax coloring, comments, and automatic formatting, you may make your note for the computations far more appealing and visible. It employs basic natural languages, which facilitates the execution of ordinary tasks.

A distinct advantage of Soulver over MathType is the ability to incorporate references to the last lines in your computations, much like you would in a spreadsheet. The ability to name the numbers and use them as variables in calculation procedures is an additional entertaining component of this platform.

Soulver is already relied upon by tens of thousands of customers regularly; some have been utilizing it for more than a decade. Thus, you might take advantage of its 30-day free trial and then embark on a productive adventure.


  1. Cymath

Cymath is a fantastic option for an audience with a high level of computational knowledge and understanding of topics relating to Artificial Intelligence, knowledgebase, computational intelligence, and numerous other related terminology. Using this platform, you have access to a search box that allows you to look up your question or select from a list of arithmetic themes by selecting the “Choose Topic” button.

Users can also create their formulas by selecting the keyboard icon located beneath the search box. You could even practice with your equations and examples. In addition, you receive a step-by-step analysis for each problem you are attempting to solve, as well as a few reference resources and other examples to further your comprehension.

Cymath provides access to their mobile applications on iOS and Android smartphones; nevertheless, the website is always accessible to all users. Additionally, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese are supported via Cymath’s website. You may also purchase a Premium plan at your discretion.




  1. Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft has created this remarkable technology that high school and college students can use to easily resolve their questions and concerns. You could search or enter questions from numerous categories, including Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus. You will find a variety of related subjects under these categories.

Consider that you are new to this website. In such a circumstance, you might quickly view several movies, including Key Features, Checking Math Worksheet Answers, Algebra Calculator, Graphing Calculator, and others.

In addition, you may obtain a step-by-step explanation and analysis of your issues for FREE, unlike with MathType, where you were required to pay a premium subscription charge for the same service. Obtaining definitions of the many mathematical concepts is a major learning hack that may be unlocked on this page.

In the app edition of Microsoft App Solver, you could either manually type the problem or scan it to obtain the appropriate solutions. Tutorials and worksheets, as well as several practice sheets, are a plus. Because of platforms such as these, plotting graphs for a variety of issues is now simple. Accessibility in several languages is also maintained to improve audience comprehension. This program is also accessible via Microsoft Edge, in addition to mobile phones and other devices.


  1. Photomath

Photomath is a valuable platform for high school students to solve math questions and issues, making it likely that your search for an answer engine will be over once you discover that it is one of the leading companies in the educational technology industry. You could also search for topics relating to geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, etc.

Photomath allows you to scan questions without requiring a premium or paid subscription, unlike MathType. MathType’s question scanning is a paid function. Consequently, you may now have guessed the meaning of the name! However, not all functions are intended to be free; to use certain Photomath capabilities, you must pay a minimal fee.

The application displays the response and a step-by-step examination of how the response was obtained. In addition to pupils, instructors and parents can utilize this platform to assist their children with their schoolwork, with the app’s 24/7 availability facilitating this.

The software is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

  1. Speedcrunch

SpeedCrunch is among the most potent calculators on the market. It contains over 80 built-in mathematical operations and an on-screen keyboard, making it incredibly convenient for certain users.

It promotes precision and exactness and yields corresponding outcomes. Using complex numbers, unit conversions, and numeral bases, you can execute computations with a maximum precision of 50 digits. SpeedCrunch accords equal weight to any suggestions to improve the user experience, regardless of size.

You may easily keep track of your prior inputs and outputs and return to them whenever you deem it necessary using the provided scrollable history. Customizable syntax highlighting has made the process of identifying errors even easier.

SpeedCrunch’s built-in formula library is an outstanding feature! It is an area where you can take a quick look or insert formulas based on your needs from a list of frequently used formulas or one of 150 particular constants.

This program is accessible through the Windows, macOS, and Linux stores, among others. Similarly to Maxima, you can also access SpeedCrunch’s software and website in languages other than English! This open-source program’s GPL License signifies that you have access to the source code, which, if you possess valuable programming skills, will be a bonus.

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