11 Apps Like Photomath To Make Learning And Homework Exciting

People can learn a subject at their own pace, location, and convenience with the aid of learning apps like photomath. Here are 8 fantastic apps to make learning enjoyable.

Everyone would concur that everyone should have access to education. Thankfully, learning is now accessible to everyone thanks to apps like Photomath. You may learn any subject with these applications at your speed, location, and time. The apps listed below are excellent for learning math and other disciplines. These are also some amazing tools for homework assistance;

  1. Microsoft Math Solver
  2. Toppr
  3. LibreOffice – Math
  4. Socratic
  5. Brilliant
  6. Cymath
  7. Mathway
  8. TexMaths
  9. Khan Academy
  10. fxSolver
  11. Brainly

  1. Microsoft Math Solver


Microsoft Math Solve is the first app in the list of alternatives to Photomath. Simply click a photo of the total or enter it. The software will present the answer as a full number, a fraction, or a graph. It keeps track of your amounts and generates tests using them. It is a fantastic software for learning and studying for examinations.


  1. Toppr

Toppr app

Toppr is a virtual learning tool that has been referred to as “one of the top doubt-solving apps.” It instantly allays your doubts. The app is jam-packed with expertly produced instructive lecture videos. Both Hindi and English versions of the videos are offered. Using past papers from Toppr, you can also get ready for admission exams. Despite some resources being available in the free version, you must pay to use all of its features. Depending on your degree of schooling, there are numerous sorts of subscriptions.


  1. LibreOffice – Math

Libre Office Math

You can generate or edit formulas (equations) in a symbolic form within LibreOffice documents or as separate objects using the LibreOffice-Math formula editor. LibreOffice – Math does not rerform any calculations, LibreOffice – Math Formulas are represented using a markup language in Math’s Formula Editor. When used in a formula, this markup language is intended to be as readable as feasible.


  1. Socratic

Google has an educational app called Socratic. The program is available for other courses besides math. The app will clarify the question if you take a picture of it or read it out loud. To provide its consumers with the best materials, Socratic has partnered with industry experts. Currently, it can be used by students to learn science, math, literature, and history.


  1. Brilliant

Brilliant is an educational app that targets users from “aged 10 through 110”. You don’t have to stop learning thanks to the app’s never-ending selection of excellent resources and authorities. Every week, you take tests from Brilliant. Every time, there are new questions. Brilliant take pride in improving the problem-solving skills of its students in addition to instructing them in a course. For the software to be downloaded, Android users must have version 4.1 or higher. Brilliant offers an annual membership for $119.99 and a monthly plan for $24.99 for Apple users.


  1. Cymath

Another educational app that focuses solely on mathematics training is Cymath. It is one of the apps for homework assistance. The app will show you the steps and the solution whether you type in the amount or take a photo of it. The topics covered by Cymath are extensive. Exponents, polynomial division, quadratic equations, and other concepts are among them.


  1. Mathway

Mathway assists users in resolving all types of sums, from the easiest to the most difficult. This program offers the processes taken to arrive at the final result just like Microsoft Math Solver does. You can use the app to solve a variety of issues. These include arithmetic, vectors, trigonometry, and more. It is marketed as a homework tool and is appropriate for students of all grade levels. One of the top math learning applications is this one.


  1. TexMaths


A LaTeX equation editor for LibreOffice or OpenOffice is called TexMaths. It is based on OOoLatex, which was created first by Geoffroy Piroux.

You can insert and edit LaTeX equations straight into LibreOffice documents with the TexMaths LibreOffice addon. All you need is a functional LaTeX installation, the TexMaths LibreOffice extension, and at least one of the two tools dvipng or dvisvgm.

Since TexMaths is a cross-platform extension, it ought to function on systems running Windows, Linux, and MacOS X.

Equations written in LaTeX can be placed as images (in the SVG or PNG formats), with the LaTeX code stored in the image property for later modification. Simply enter a LaTex math instruction in the text field of the TexMaths Equations window, then click the LaTeX button to insert your first equation into a document.

Example: The equation x(t)=mu2 (t) should result in x(t)=2 (t)


  1. Khan Academy

This app stands out since it covers topics outside of your typical range. It also teaches extracurricular indoor and outdoor activities. Additionally, it is a fantastic setting for practice and test-based revision. It is directed to everyone who wants to learn something. Additionally, Khan Academy offers an offline learning option. The app will make recommendations for what you can learn next when you complete learning anything.


  1. fxSolver

fxSolver is a free online math solver, graphing calculator, equation library, and science/engineering issue ,solver.

many equations simultaneously, Create new formulas and edit existing ones, Create graphs, compute a lot of values, Share worksheets with your friends, solve all problems, and link your results.

A group of engineers and programmers created the free tool fxSolver with the specific goal of offering a special, beneficial, and unrestricted service. The goal of the development team is to make it possible for engineers, students, and hobbyists to interact with mathematics and be able to solve problems without having to be experts in computer languages or specialized math tools.


  1. Brainly

brainly app

Even Brainly trains its customers in a variety of areas, similar to Socratic. Anyone who prefers an active learning setting will love it. The issues are not resolved by it. Your inquiries are instead forwarded to other students. The solutions will be sent to you. Although it seems like a lengthy procedure, it goes much more quickly. Your questions will be swiftly answered. When you resolve a problem for someone else, Brainly rewards you. Even specialists explain the lessons in it.



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