10 Best Socratic Alternatives

Are you in need of assistance with your homework or assignments? Homework has never been simpler than it is now thanks to Socratic and its alternatives.

A smartphone app for students is offered by the education technology company Socratic. It offers educational resources like definitions, links, videos, Q&As, and much more to assist students with their homework using AI technology. You can use the app to take a picture of your query, and it will immediately recognize the issue and give you a solution. Despite being a fantastic learning tool, Socratic might not be the best choice for you.

To assist you with your homework, we’ll show you the top 6 Socratic alternatives in this article for chemistry, English, science, and a variety of other subjects.

Is Socratic the best app available?

Yes, some excellent Socratic alternatives offer features that are comparable to and even better than those in Socratic, such as 24/7 help for assignments and homework, millions of flashcards, detailed textbook solutions, completed homework problems, more than 50 subjects, and much more. Try out some of the available apps, such as Chegg Study, Khan Academy, Photomath, Quizlet, Brainly, etc.

How did the Socratic app fare?

In August 2019, Google said that it has acquired Socratic and relaunched the product as an AI-powered mobile learning app. A student-focused online question-and-answer forum and library of educational resources were offered by Socratic, a company based in New York.

Which software offers the best homework assistance?

The best homework assistance applications are Microsoft Math Solver, Khan Academy, Brainly, Memrise, StudyBlue, etc. These programs can entirely change the way you have been performing your assignments for a long time.

The Socratic app: is it trustworthy?

Yes, Socratic is a top-notch online tool. They are letting you reply and ask questions! Many parents and educators assert that they have never come across any dubious material that is completely safe for all consumers.

Socratic is entirely safe. However, there is no guarantee that children will utilize this software for academic purposes; some may only be looking for immediate solutions.

The essential takeaway is that, if utilized properly, this reference tool can improve learning and support students on their terms and schedules.

Does Socratic only apply to math?

Socratic is not only for math, though. The app currently covers literature, US and world history, biology, chemistry, mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, and earth and environmental science.

What is the price of Socratic?

The total cost of the annual tuition for the elementary, middle, and unaccredited high school programs is $10,800. (September-June).

The annual cost of the Socratic programs for accredited secondary schools is $13,500. Also available is need-based financial assistance.

Who was the Socratic app’s creator?

Socratic was founded in 2013 by Chris Pedregal and Shreyans Bhansali to create a community where all students could study.

The app first offered a Q&A platform like Quora where students could ask questions for experts to respond to.

Learning is now a lot easier thanks to tools like Socratic. You can learn, practice, and master any subject with the help of all of the best apps like Socratic that were just listed.

Here is a list of the best trustworthy and genuine apps similar to Socratic:


  1. Photomath

One of the best apps like Socratic is called Photomath. It is a camera calculator program that makes it simple to scan and solve math problems. Simply download the software from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for Android smartphones, open the camera, and snap a picture of your arithmetic problem.

You can now see that it will provide you with a step-by-step answer and resolve the puzzle for you. English, Spanish, Persian, Portuguese, Swedish, Indonesian, Turkish, Polish, Russian, and many other languages are among the many languages that it is accessible.

Key Features

A built-in calculator that can take pictures of your math problems

It provides you with step-by-step directions and graphical representations of all equation solutions.

Understands handwriting.

Easy to use user interface.

It covers a variety of math disciplines, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics in addition to basic math.

New problem types are frequently added with each release.

Offers animated films to help viewers comprehend and remember the answer.

Numerous users have acknowledged that the application accurately solved their math problems for them, and a high-performance level is ensured.


  1. Chegg Study

Chegg Study provides students with online tutoring, physical and digital textbook solutions, and other services.

Check out its enormous collection of millions of fully explained, step-by-step solutions for a wide range of courses, such as Business, Engineering, Biology, Math, Physics, Chemistry, and many more.

For everything from homework to tests, you may obtain specialized support for each of your courses.

Get a personalized dashboard that tracks your course progress and offers recommendations for your next course of study.


Key Features:

Get 24/7 assistance with your homework or tasks while using its top study tools.

By utilizing its extensive collection of numerous fully explained, step-by-step textbook solutions, you can master your course from top to bottom.

Get assistance with your homework in more than 80 areas and hundreds of courses.

You can create and study your decks of flashcards or choose from a collection of more than 500 million.

the ability to post a question and receive professional advice within 30 minutes.

Viewing of its Q&A library’s 25 million fully answered homework problems is unlimited.

You can enter your study question and read the already-written answers in the database of Chegg Study.



  1. Khan Academy

A non-profit organization called Khan Academy wants to revolutionize education by giving all kids access to top-notch education for free. One of the oldest math software is Khan Academy. It enables you to learn and review math in a setting that resembles a classroom. The program includes several types of arithmetic, more than 10,000 educational videos, and 40,000 problems.

It covers trigonometry, statistics, calculus, algebra, pre-algebra, arithmetic, and other topics. 21 Best Apps Like Socratic To Get Unstuck and Learn Better You are free to enroll in and repeat any courses you like to increase your knowledge or brush up on what you already know.

Khan Academy’s price is its best feature. For the rest of your life, you can use it for free. Inside and outside extracurricular activities are also taught by Khan Academy. Khan Academy is also a great place to perform evaluations and adjustments. It is intended for anyone looking for comprehensive knowledge on a variety of topics.


  1. Course Hero

One of the best apps like Socratic is called Course Hero; it functions as an online learning platform that lets students access particular educational resources made by a group of teachers and students.

It has lecture notes, study materials, instructional videos, essays, sample problems, and more. There are also detailed instructions, infographics, and many more things.


Key Features

The app includes video libraries and lectures from professors, universities, etc.

Teachers generated and contributed original content to the app.

Additionally, it offers a free online course catalog that may be downloaded from the internet.

Online tutors are accessible round-the-clock, and each session is charged in “credits.”


5. Brainscape

Students can learn with adaptive flashcards using the online and mobile education service Brainscape. Electronic flashcards are available for download and creation by students, educators, and business training. They can also view flashcards created by users from around the world.


Key Features

To accelerate learning, this software employs spaced repetition.

The white paper serves as an example of cognitive science’s effectiveness. Its features that rely on active memory and metacognition demonstrate this.

With a Pro subscription to Brainscape, you have access to endless premium content and several cutting-edge features.

The cloud-based flashcards are shared with other student groups.

Its services include different learning modalities, electronic flashcards, teacher dashboards, and group editing tools.


6. Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver is a beginner-level instructional program that resolves math and science issues in a variety of areas, including algebra, calculus, statistics, trigonometry, and many others.

Simply take a picture of your issue or jot it down on the screen using the camera. Microsoft Maths quickly recognizes the issue and helps you resolve it using interactive graphs, step-by-step explanations, and analogous issues from online video lectures and the internet.


Key Features

A web platform as well as versions for Windows, iOS, Android, and Microsoft Office are available.

It recognizes and addresses your problems using AI.

provides further educational materials, such as video lectures and explanations.

It was created to aid in the user’s education and to help with platforms relating to science, math, and technology.

Write or take a picture of your math issue to receive a thorough, step-by-step explanation and a graphing calculator.

It has an equation and triangle solver that provide detailed solutions to every issue.

It supports more than 12 Indian languages in addition to Spanish, German, Russian, and English.


7. Quizlet

Another excellent option for Socratic is Quizlet. It is an American multinational company that develops and produces technologies that are used for learning and studying. You may acquire complete science study materials at your fingertips with its AI learning assistant, updated expert explanations, and efficient flashcards.

The simplest and most convenient method to learn, practice, and master any subject is through Quizlet. Practice problems and seven study techniques are available for you to use as tests of your preparedness.



Key Features

Its main offerings include electronic practice tests, digital flashcards, live tests, and matching games.

Users can develop customized sets of terms and descriptions based on their own needs.

Create your flashcards or choose from the millions already created by users.

Get personalized study pathways and keep track of your progress with Quizlet’s learning assistant.

Get access to millions of thorough, twice-checked textbook solutions prepared by professionals.

English, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and other languages are among those that are available.


8. Mathway

Mathway is yet another of the top apps similar to Socratic that offers quick and accurate answers to arithmetic problems you must solve.

Whether it’s elementary math like calculus, chemistry, trigonometry, algebra, or statistics, Mathway can create a calculator that includes the right symbols and tools to address the type of problem you’re seeking to answer.

When is the deadline for your math homework?

Both iOS and Android users can download the application. Read the Mathway tutorial carefully. On the screen, it will be seen. Snap a photo of the numerical challenge that needs to be overcome.

The match query can be typed into the application directly or spoken into via the microphone. You can use the free, basic Mathway application’s virtual calculator to solve questions. To proceed with the procedures to fix the problem, you can upgrade to the paid plan whenever you’d like. The monthly payment for the paid plan is $19.99 or $79.99 annually.


9. Brainly

An educational tool called Brainly offers a platform where instructors, parents, and students may help others with their homework. Post homework inquiries and quickly receive responses.

For English, math, social studies, and science, it is among the best Socratic-like apps. It enables students to interact with peers, qualified teachers, and subject-matter specialists to debate their topics and look for answers to their questions.


Key Features

You can look up any homework concern, ask professionals and knowledgeable students about your issue, and receive an immediate response.

To start learning, parents can link their accounts with those of their children.

Subjects, academic level, and nation are used to categorize the questions.

It contains gamification components in the form of incentive points and rankings.

A machine learning algorithm and staff members or a community of volunteers both contribute to the database’s moderation.

English, Hindi, Filipino, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, and more are among the many available languages.

It is accessible on a web platform, an iOS device, and an Android device.



Another app like Socratic that links students who are having trouble with a homework assignment are called PhotoStudy. It offers a variety of courses, such as math, physics, chemistry, and many others.

With PhotoStudy, you only need to snap a photo of your issue to instantly connect with a study expert instructor for a customized 10-minute chat session. Even the most challenging tasks, such as those involving complicated equations or diagrams, can be solved with the help of live study experts.


Key Features

Its unique routing algorithm can quickly pair a learner with a PhotoStudy specialist.

You may always get customized assistance whenever you need it because tutors are always online and accessible 24/7.

Both iOS and Android devices can use it.

Students in high school, homeschooled, community college, and university may find it to be the best choice.

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